Delta Sigma Pi – A Great Investment for Your Student

Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed fraternity with a commitment to diversity, leadership, service, professional development, and building social connections that form the backbone of a successful professional network for the future.

Membership in Delta Sigma Pi provides value from the beginning all the way through retirement and beyond. Through regional and national conferences, the Fraternity provides exceptional leadership training and professional development that benefit both students and alumni.

Beyond high energy events, the members of Delta Sigma Pi make this organization self-sustaining. The network of tens of thousands of members worldwide give lifelong support and career assistance, which means that wherever you go, a Deltasig, or one of their connections, can lend a hand.

Deltasigs can also receive financial support through undergraduate and graduate scholarships. Delta Sigma Pi puts members on a path toward greatness as business leaders, community members, and cultural influencers.

Delta Sigma Pi funds many educational programs through the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation, a 501c(3) charitable organization formed to support educational, leadership and scholastic endeavors. It extends financial assistance for scholarships, leadership development and training, and personal and professional improvement of the Fraternity and its members. Funded by individual and corporate contributions, the Leadership Foundation offers many levels of participation for students, alumni, friends and corporate sponsors.

Believing that business has both a unique opportunity and a compelling duty to contribute to the larger community, Delta Sigma Pi is dedicated to making a difference. Frequent community involvement instills deep feelings of brotherhood while developing business skills. Every year, wide-ranging activities involve members in project selection, strategic planning, budget development, promotion, and project implementation. Measurable results provide students with reality-based lessons and valuable business insights from which both student and community can benefit.