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Zeta Phi | Florida Atlantic University
Our Chapter

Since its initial founding in 1966, our Zeta Phi chapter, the 144th chapter in Delta Sigma Pi, has thrived throughout the history of Florida Atlantic University. Zeta Phi prospers through the hard work and ambition of our members, and we seek to find the most valuable business students who encapsulate the values of the fraternity.

Through community service events, we aim to help the community thrive because it not only allows us the opportunity to helping those in need, but also to grow as individuals and as a team within the chapter. We participate in several community services such as Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, and Students With Disabilities.

Professional events allow students to gain knowledge through firsthand experience with local representatives about certain career paths and what it takes to pave their way into the business world. Resume events, representatives from Sagicor, job fairs and other events have shaped our members and allowed the opportunity to learn about the business world outside the classroom setting.

Our chapter’s activities may seem like all work and no play, but we also enjoy many fun activities throughout the semester. We host several social events which build a great experience and allow for networking with students just like yourself. You’ll find yourself emerged in the campus life with a new group of friends that carry a common interest in business and share the same classes as you. 

Brotherhood is an important aspect in our chapter. Nothing is more assuring than knowing you have your brothers there for you. Not only do we help each other out with community service and have fun through social events, but we also often take classes together and push each other in our student. Nothing is better than having friends who will loan or give you a textbook for free and automatically having a study group to help you excel academically.

Zeta Phi chapter aspires to help our members flourish throughout their time in our chapter, allowing them the opportunity to gain knowledge, network with colleagues, and have an understanding of real world experience. Zeta Phi not only serves as the perfect college experience for business majors, but also builds a community and a brotherhood for our members.

Brother Spotlight

Chapter Advisor
Austen is a two-time FAU alumnus and currently holds positions at the university as Academic Advisor in the Graduate College and Adjunct Professor of Marketing in the College of Business.

Lashay is a Senior studying for her Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Leadership. She plans to continue on to receive her MBA and pursue a career in Human Resources. Joining DSP she has gotten a chance to network and gain skills from events that help her everyday in the real world. She is glad to be apart of a brotherhood that will give her opportunities for a lifetime. 

Senior Vice President 

​​​​​​​Mildred is a International Business major who plans to travel the world. Joining DSP she has had many networking opportunities. 


VP- Pledge Education

Sabrina is a Junior studying accounting. She plans to get her CPA after  graduation and hopes to be working for one of the top four accounting firms. Sabrina also hopes to have her own business so she can be her own lady boss. She loves the brotherhood of DSP and the support she gets from brothers. She is excited to promote the great possibilities and brotherhood of the fraternity to our future pledge of the fall 2019 class!

VP - Chapter Operations

Gabriela is a junior at Florida Atlantic University. She is a member of the school’s Honors Program and is majoring in Marketing. She is hoping to increase participation of all members, not only to improve and further unite her chapter, but also to benefit their community

VP of Finance
Tiara is a junior at FAU. She’s currently a Pre-Business major, but will be pursuing Finance. One of her main goals is to gain real-world experience related to her field of study during her undergrad through internships; and will continue to develop the skills necessary to obtain a Masters degree in Finance/Accounting to become a CFO. With entry-level experience as a former Accounting intern, the knowledge she learned will carry onto the next. Joining DSP has helped her create professional relationships as well as amazing friendships in this Fraternity. DSP is a place she can call home.

VP - Professional Activities 

Valeria is studying Marketing and hopes to start her own company one day. She loves the brotherhood that has been created and the bond the brothers all carry. 

VP - Community Service

Andres is a Business Administration and Management Major with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. His goal once he graduates from FAU is to work for an ONG or a nonprofit organization. 

VP - Scholarships and Awards
 Joshua is a Finance major from Boca who wants to pursue an MBA in sports management so he can work with sports players. He is also part of toastmasters International and FAU Esport



Chapter Fundraising Chair